Fire Service Group specializes in the installation, testing and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems.

Here at Fire Service Group we specialize in the testing and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems. Our team is comprised of technicians with years of experience in maintenance and troubleshooting that allows them to quickly diagnose and fix problems. We also pride ourselves with the ability to get our customers systems back up and running with a minimal impact to their day to day running of their businesses.

Services We Can Provide

  • Routine Fire Sprinkler Inspections
  • Flow Testing
  • NFPA 25 Five Year Requirements
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Backflow Repairs and Testing
  • Fire Pump Service and Testing
  • Fire Hydrant Testing
  • Fire Sprinkler Alterations
  • Sprinkler Systems Design and Installations

NFPA 25 Five Year Testing Available:

  • Standpipe Flow Testing
  • Internal Inspections
  • MIC Testing
  • Obstruction Investigations
  • Gauge Replacement
  • Hydrostatic Testing

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